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Chef Tor Sporré is currently featured on YouTube! (Click on the thumbnail pics on the right to view.)


In October, 2009, Chef Tor appeared on the Hollywood TV morning show on KTLA TV - “Chef Tor Sporré's Lobster: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!” (YouTube posting courtesy of Jay Tillery)


Click on the pick to see the video.

See Tor in “Adventures for the Average Woman” magazine and was featured in the Westport News. Inside the ‘zine, Chef Tor talks about the Zen of Lobster and shares a fun and tasty recipe. (Click on the cover page to order a copy.)


Chef Tor has also appeared in “Food and Vine Country,”  “Connecticut! It’s the Closest New England!,” and “Lobster Bash with Tor Sporré.”

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Tor Sporre's CulinaryMobile with sea kayak

Photos courtesy of Jayson Byrd     http://byrdstudio.com

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