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Chef Tor Sporré is a professional model, actor, and holistic personal chef of international renown. His specialty: Maine Lobster.

Chef Tor Sporré is of New England and Swedish decent, and entered the performing field while in college at 19.  At 22 he moved to Europe where he worked in Paris and Amster- dam and did modeling as well as film and commercials.  While there he worked with the Netherlands’ foremost nutritionist, directed the “Whole” Youth Center for the American International School in Scheveningen,

Chef Tor Sporre preparing food

Photo courtesy of Jayson Byrd                                                 http://byrdstudio.com

The Hague, NL, and learned the Dutch language, as well as northern European and Indonesian cooking, and started a family.

After 10 years, homesick for New England, lobster and related seafood, as well as the more laid back lifestyle and long hot summers, Tor returned.  He resumed his modeling and TV career, started the Outdoors Inn of Westport, CT and began working as a private chef.

His cuisine, which he developed for his active life as a performer and athlete, is focused on fitness and performance foods of MediterAsian and Northern European origin.  Experienced with well and recovering clients, Tor takes great pride in helping those who chose him as their private chef to achieve holistic change in their lives and lifestyles.

Co-chairman of the Westport Community Garden Project from 1997-2006 he worked with 3 administrations to re-establish the former gardens, now on Hyde Lane.  In August 2008 Tor started the “Ask the Chef” program at the Sunday Farmers’ Market in Westport. There, he makes himself available supporting CT agriculture, and inspires home cooks to try new ways with the seasonal produce with his weekly recipes.

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For more information about Chef Tor’s specialty, go to: http://www.zenoflobster.com.

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